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Deb’s Cookie Company goes way back to my (Debby Leckonby) nana – Marion Remington Leckonby.  Nana was always cooking and smoking and drinking Coors Light.  At least that’s what I remember.  We had a camp on Lake Ozonia in the Adirondacks – way up near Canada.  Nana’s dad had built the camp and we all loved it.  Every year we would drive up in our station wagon in August with the dog, cat and all our stuff for 2 weeks on the lake.  Our cousins would come and Nana would be there with Don (her husband).  He would putts around the camp fixing things while Nana cooked cookies, fudge, and bacon.  She probably cooked a lot more than that but that’s what us kids remember.   She made the very best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – she cooked them just right so that they were still chewy when you ate them. 

Over the years, my mom would make them for special occasions and then in turn I began making them for friends and ultimately for my kids.  They became a staple in our house – we always had a stash in the freezer – because they keep so well in there and you can make the best ice cream sandwiches with them right out of the freezer!  The neighbors in our big, family neighborhood would head right to the freezer when they walked in the front door.  Whenever someone had a baby, or a loss, or a dessert was needed for Teacher Appreciation or a Football/Lacrosse pasta dinner, I made Deb’s cookies.  I also began sending care packages to friend’s children who were far away and missing home.  A few years ago, a snack bar opened at our small town beach.   I was asked to sell them there and I also began to sell them at our local farmer’s market.  I have dabbled over the years in getting the business really going but I also have 3 children and I teach full time!  So, Last fall when my mom retired at 81, she started doing some research and cooking lots of cookies in Palo Alto.  She found they were quite popular out there too!

This is me, Debby, with my Mom Pam, or Omi, to her grandkids.

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Deb’s Cookie Company goes way back to my nana – Marion Remington Leckonby, and her cookies are still enjoyed today.

Our Story

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